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As successful leaders and management experts themselves, these authors know what it takes to command with authority and passion. Hear their stories of willpower and courage, and learn how to inspire teams to succeed.

Create. Innovate. Revolutionize.

Ed Catmull, co-founder and former president of Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios, reenvisions the creative process and discusses what it takes to lead a creative movement.

The Meaning of Success

Casey Gerald sets forth a bold new direction for the American Dream.

Build Your Dream Network

J. Kelly Hoey’s lessons from networking show how to forge strong connections with coworkers and clients alike.

Leading the Change

As CEO and co-founder of Jopwell, the leading career advancement platform for professionals of color, Porter Braswell advises America’s top companies on how to achieve a more representative workplace.

The Roadmap to Centered Leadership

Drawing on her career as a management consultant, Joanna Barsh provides the tools, practices, and concrete steps needed to promote leadership development in your organization.

Grit to Great

Advertising Hall of Famer Linda Kaplan Thaler demonstrates that with the right attitude and determination, success is within reach.

Never Give Up, Never Quit

Retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant and Recalibrated Warrior Travis Mills’ story of resiliency inspires, challenges, encourages, and motivates audiences.
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