The Roadmap to Centered Leadership

Drawing on her career as a management consultant, Joanna Barsh provides the tools, practices, and concrete steps needed to promote leadership development in your organization.
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Mix & Match

Mix and match the perfect program for your company. “Introduction to Centered Leadership”: Joanna Barsh interviewed incredible women leaders who were successful around the world, and in so doing, found out what she was missing.

Program Topics

  • The Centered Leadership Project

    This program explores the five dimensions of Centered Leadership: meaning, framing, connecting, engaging, and energizing. Barsh draws on ten years of research and experience creating leadership training programs now used around the globe.

  • How Remarkable Women Lead

    In this lecture, Joanna offers a hopeful outlook and unique ideas about success. It’s the new “right stuff” of leadership, teaching participants self-awareness and their power to choose, offering practical take-aways and a roadmap to positive impact.

  • Grow Wherever You Work

    Drawing on interviews with more than 200 high-performing, rising leaders in over 120 companies, Joanna Barsh has uncovered the biggest challenges facing the future of American business. Barsh presents options for working through the most difficult problems, including handling work pressure, self-criticism, and risk taking.

Centered Leadership

In Centered Leadership, Barsh and Lavoie will guide you through the Centered Leadership program. You’ll find the interactive tools, exercises, and practices that have helped the participants in Centered Leadership programs gain the skills, courage and confidence to lead.  Along the way, you’ll read inspiring stories of remarkable leaders who demonstrate the power of these skills in action.


Available in paperback, eBook
336 pages; March 18, 2014

Centered Leadership

“Many of us in leadership positions tend to think that we instinctively know what it takes to inspire and motivate others. But Centered Leadership opened my eyes to the fact that great leadership is more a science than we realize. Barsh and Lavoie draw on deep research and fieldwork to genuinely help us build our capabilities. “

—Gary E. Knell,  President and CEO, National Geographic Society

“In Centered Leadership Joanna Barsh has given us a highly effective guide to building the more comprehensive, often deeply human, leadership skills that this complex, fast paced era requires.”

—Luis Ubinas, former CEO Ford Foundation
How Remarkable Women Lead

In the business bestseller, How Remarkable Women Lead, Barsh described Centered Leadership’s five capabilities and the research that underpins it. Here, with colleague Johanne Lavoie, Barsh provides a practical, actionable field guide for implementation.

Available in paperback, eBook
384 pages, December 27, 2011

How Remarkable Women Lead

“What makes this book singular and valuable is its wide-lens focus on the personal qualities that lead to exemplary leadership. Don’t be taken in by the title: men have as much to learn from this book as women.”

—Warren Bennis, distinguished professor of business administration and university professor, University of Southern California, and author of On Becoming a Leader

“How Remarkable Women Lead is a book that will truly resonate with all women. It is personal, powerful, and revealing and thereby true to how we women live and lead. The storytelling makes this unlike any business book I know; these are people who have faced every challenge imaginable and still made their mark. So truthful, so revealing, it’s a book at once inspirational and practical.”

—Elizabeth Smith, president, Avon Products, Inc.
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