Staying Secure in a Connected World

Global security expert Marc Goodman shares unique insights into the risks and opportunities associated with emerging technologies.
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Marc Goodman TED Talk

TED Talk: A Vision of Crimes in the Future: The world is becoming increasingly open, and that has implications both bright and dangerous. Marc paints a portrait of a grave future, in which technology’s rapid development could allow crime to flourish.

Program Topics

  • Building a Culture of Cybersecurity

    A vigilant and informed workforce can vastly improve your company’s cybersecurity, and a human firewall should be a top priority. In this talk, Marc teaches teams how to protect themselves and to keep their organizations safe.

  • A Dynamic Duo: How IT and HR Can Secure a Company from Cyber Threats

    Using case studies from various industries and relevant research findings, Marc motivates human resources and information technology professionals to collaborate in order to maintain a more secure—and ultimately more productive and enjoyable—work environment.

  • The Future of Financial Crime

    Financial fraud is on the rise. In this lecture, Marc explains how technologies are being leveraged to create vast networks of fraudulent identities and shell accounts, and offers a thought-provoking analysis of what industries must do to protect their businesses.

  • Security and Privacy in Medicine and Healthcare

    Marc presents a compelling overview of the latest criminal tradecraft affecting the healthcare industry, and looks at how practitioners and patients can ensure that technology continues to heal rather than harm.

Future Crimes

From former FBI Futurist, Interpol advisor, and beat cop Marc Goodman, this deep dive into the digital underground illuminates the alarming ways criminals, corporations, and even countries are using new and emerging technologies against you—and how this makes everyone more vulnerable than you ever thought possible.

Available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook.

608 pages; Published January 12, 2016

Future Crimes

Future Crimes is an essential read for law enforcers, corporations, and the community alike. It offers answers beyond what comes next to what we can do, both individually and collectively, to secure ourselves and our communities.”

—Khoo Boon Hui, former President of Interpol

“Read this now, and then get angry that we really haven’t taken the technology threat seriously. If the right people read Goodman’s book and take action, it might just save the world.”

—Steven Chabinsky, Former Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI’s Cyber Division
How to Secure Your Digital Life eCourse

How to Secure Your Digital Life

Are you ready for a proven, insanely simple plan to lock down your digital life, defend yourself against hackers, and reduce your cyber risk by up to 85 percent? “How to Secure Your Digital Life” is a one-day program that has helped tens of thousands of people and can help you finally achieve peace of mind for all your online activities and digital life. With cyber attacks at an all-time high—and rising every day—you owe it to yourself and your family to learn the critical art of cyber self-defense. If you don’t protect yourself, who will?

In this pioneering course on How to Secure Your Digital Life, Marc shares the secrets to protecting yourself online and how to use the very best of the technological tools we depend on for our modern lives. You’ll learn the basics of cyber self-defense and quick, specific actionable steps to improve your privacy, security, and safety online.

How to Secure Your Digital Life eCourse

“Running an online business is hard enough without security worries. This course really explained what needs to be done to maximize your protection. Marc was far from boring and did not waste time with useless information. His knowledge of the tech problems faced today was impressive.” –A Creative Live User

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