Disaster-Proof Your Email

Will Schwalbe and David Shipley teach the best email practices to protect organizations from the fallout of inevitable cyberattacks.
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Program Topics

  • Disaster-Proofing Your Emails

    Will and David give companies and teams a strategy for protecting themselves online. The stakes could not be higher: every time someone sends an electronic message, they may be putting their team’s future and their personal reputation at risk. From teaching how to be discreet about important information to discerning what communications should really be taken offline entirely, Will and David teach workforces the best precautions to take when communicating over email.

  • Send: How to Email Better

    From crafting the perfect subject line to knowing when to log off and pick up the phone, Will and David present a comprehensive workshop on email etiquette. Their time-honored tips will prevent bruised egos, ruined relationships, and fatal miscommunications.



Send—the classic guide to email for office and home—has become indispensable for readers navigating the impersonal, and at times overwhelming, world of electronic communication.  Filled with real-life email success (and horror) stories and a wealth of useful and entertaining examples, Send dissects all the major minefields and pitfalls of email. It provides clear rules for constructing effective emails, for handheld etiquette, for handling the “emotional email,” and for navigating all of today’s hot-button issues.  It offers essential strategies to help you both better manage the ever-increasing number of emails you receive and improve the ones you send.  Send is now more than ever the essential book about email for professionals everywhere.

Available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook.

288 pages; August 23, 2010



Send can help any of us send emails that build better business relationships and get better results.”

—Spencer Johnson, M.D., author of Who Moved My Cheese?

Send is an easy-to-read primer, full of practical tips for every emailer.”

—Bob Eckert, Charman and CEO, Mattel, Inc.
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