Captain Class

Sam Walker presents a surprising but convincing vision of leadership based on success stories from the greatest leaders in sports history.
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How to Identify Leaders: Sam Walker discusses how managers can recognize leadership traits during the hiring process.

Program Topics

  • Are Great Leaders Made or Born?

    In this thought-provoking discussion of the seven key traits shared by the greatest captains in sports history, Sam reveals how some of the most unlikely candidates can become the most powerful leaders.

  • The Power of Middle Management

    Positioned between the coach and the team, the captain functions as a middle manager. They are the unsung heroes of many sports teams and often pave the way for monumental success. Sam gives organizations strategies for identifying valuable middle-management leaders and giving them the tools they need to succeed.

The Captain Class

The Captain Class

A New Theory of Leadership

From the founding editor of The Wall Street Journal’s sports section comes a bold new theory of leadership drawn from the elite but unconventional captains who inspired their teams to achieve extraordinary success. Told through riveting accounts of high-pressure moments in sports history, The Captain Class will challenge your assumptions of what inspired leadership looks like.

Named one of the best business books of the year by CNBC, The New York Times, Forbes, strategy+business, The Globe and Mail, and Sports Illustrated.

Available as hardcover, paperback, eBook, or audio book.

352 pages; Published May 16, 2017

The Captain Class

“The most fabulous book on freakish sporting success and leadership traits commonly shared across the greatest teams of all time. I thoroughly recommend it.”

—Rich Buchanan, Performance Director, Swansea City FC (English Premier League)

“A remarkable book, one that articulates much of what you feel about great teams but have perhaps been afraid to express…. Sam Walker has done a terrific job. His book is well worth reading.”

The Times
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